Attorney Amber N. Hinson

Principal Office in Round Rock, Texas
​Through compassionate legal representation, tailored to the needs of the individual client, Amber works hard for her new and existing clients.

Family Law and Estate Planning

Divorces and child custody matters are sometimes difficult to go through and your estate planning matters require the time and attention to detail necessary to ensure your final wishes are carried out. It's important to have an attorney knowledgeable in the field to make sure your legal interests are protected. At Hinson Legal, we're able to assist in all matters dealing with divorce, custody, child support and estate planning.

"My wife and I had been separated for almost three years and I figured it was time to finally proceed with the divorce process.  After speaking with Ms. Hinson, she charged me an amazingly reasonable fee and even allowed me to pay in installments.

Texas requires a divorce to be on file for at least 60 days before it can be finalized.  Ms. Hinson finalized my divorce in 63.  I couldn't be happier." - S.B.

Business Law

Setting up a business can be tricky. Maintaining the business is even trickier. Document drafting and contract review is an everyday necessity. If you need outside counsel or just a trained eye to make sure your business is protected, contact us for more information and to set up your free consultation.